Why Women Are Much Difficult To Quit Smoking Than Men?

Quitting smoking is really not an easy thing if a person has been addicted to it. However, a new study found that women are much difficult in quitting smoking compared to men even though women are keener to quit.

The researchers believe that women may find it harder to give up the habit because they use cigarettes as an emotional comfort. Although many female smokers could kick the habit while pregnant, but they often start again once the child is born.

In the study conducted at the University of Minnesota, all of the participants underperformed in mental and mathematical tests when they were not smoking had their moods changed – levels of anger, anxiety, and depression increased on the days without nicotine.

Amanda Sandford, research manager of ASH said she was not surprised at the results.

“If they are using cigarettes to get themselves out of a low mood it will be harder for them to quit,” she said.

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