Why Men Are More Prone To Heart Attack?

Men Are More Prone To Heart AttackWhen it comes to heart attack, men are generally considered more vulnerable than women. This assumption is fairly reasonable, because in certain age, men have more risk factors for cardiovascular problems.

One factor that causes men are more prone to heart attack is the salt intake. Generally, men consume more salt than woman, and sodium in salt can increase blood pressure as well as the risk of heart attack.

A survey in the US revealed that men consume an average 10 grams of salt a day while women only 7 grams a day. Whereas the recommended of sodium intake is no more than 2.4 grams or about 6 grams of salt.

The survey also revealed that men got more salt is due to eating too much junk foods or fast foods. Among the dishes that have very strong flavors are cheese burgers, french fries and pizza.

Another factor that causes men are more prone to heart attack is hormonal conditions. In women who are menstruating regularly, their heart and circulatory system are protected by certain hormones that make them more stronger and not easily susceptible to interference like in men.

Before menopause, women are tend to be less vulnerable to heart attack unless it has other risk factors. Risk factors for heart attacks in women of childbearing age include diabetes and cholesterol levels above 260 mg (6.5 mmol).

But after menopause, women are tend to be more vulnerable to heart attack than men. Statistics from 1990 showed, people who age over 65 years, 56 percent of deaths from heart attacks in the US are occur in women and 44 percent of the rest occur in men.

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