Which Is More Dangerous: Marijuana or Tobacco Smoke?

In some countries, smoking marijuana is considered illegal by the federal government. Unlike tobacco smoke, there are no strict rules to alleviate the sale of cigarettes, even though it has been linked with an increased risk of lung cancer and heart disease.

Marijuana is a plant that is often misused. The leaves contain a chemical compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that has psychoactive substance which can affect the brain functioning and mental condition.

Cannabis leaf often abused in a way chopped, dried, then burned and inhaled like tobacco leaves. The most typical effect when someone smoked marijuana leaf is they may seem silly to giggle for no reason, then followed by hallucinations or seeing things that are not real.

Habit of smoking marijuana can also trigger long-term effects. According to Healthline, some of the long term effects of marijuana use are as follows:

  • Increased risk of psychiatric disorders
  • Respiratory disorders and impaired lung function
  • Dependence
  • Disturbances of memory and concentration

Because its effect is directly trigger behavior change, marijuana is often considered more dangerous than tobacco smoke, which almost do not have any short-term effects except coughing for one sensitive to the smell of the smoke. Some people even assumed that smoking tobacco may increase concentration. So, is marijuana more dangerous than tobacco smoke?

A study involving 320 volunteers and has been published in the journal of Thorax in 2007 showed, emphysema or chronic lung disease is more likely in tobacco smokers than marijuana users.

In the group of marijuana users who did not smoke cigarettes, only 1 percent of them are found had emphysema within 5 years. While in those who heavy smokers, emphysema attack 19 percent of smokers who smoked between 15-20 cigarettes per day for 1 year.

So if one is to compare the health effects under typical use conditions, tobacco smoking is much more harmful to health. However, if one were to compare the effects on a “per smoke” basis then the two are likely of similar harmfulness, with cannabis having greater adverse psychological effects.

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