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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Food Allergies

Food allergy is an allergic reaction to certain foods or food groups. Food allergies usually occur when the body’s immune system mistakenly believes the food as a toxic substance and produces antibodies to fight it.

When you consume food allergies products, the immune system releases chemicals which result in symptoms like hay fever, runny nose, rashes, sneezing, swellings, wheezing, and vomiting. A severe allergic reaction can be life threatening which result in breathing difficulties, low blood pressure, unconsciousness, and death.

Children who suffer from food allergies often outgrow their allergy, but not always, depending on which foods someone is allergic to. There are some foods are easier to outgrow than others. For example, most children who are allergic to foods such as eggs, milk, wheat, and peanuts may overcome their allergies by the time they are five years old, while food allergies that develop later in life such as fish and shellfish allergies are unlikely to outgrow.

That’s why, it is very important for a person to know how to prevent food allergies reactions. Here are some easy ways to overcome it from your life.

  1. Avoid food allergy products
    The best way to prevent food allergies is to avoid consuming food allergy products, which means reading the label for allergens is listed but also researching obscure terminology that is used in packaging products that include the offending foods.
  2. Be careful when eating in a restaurant
    The staff were not always aware of specific menu ingredients or how the food is prepared (you may not be allergic to potatoes, but those french fries may be fried in peanut oil).
  3. Beware of cross-contamination
    When eating out, cross-contamination is always a problem. Ask your waiter or the chef how food is prepared (is the same equipment or knives used to fish as other foods, which oil used in the kitchen, etc). Ask a chef in advance, if possible, which dishes they can recommend to avoid food allergies. Chain restaurants now list food allergy information on their websites.
  4. Caution with pre-packaged food pack
    As there is a risk of cross contamination when eating foods that are packaged in a multi-package so we must be careful with pre-packaged food pack such as lunchables, etc.
  5. Understanding the allergy symptoms
    Learn the symptoms of allergy and be prepared with self-injectable epinephrine and know how to use it.

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