Tuberculosis (TB) Infection Increases Lung Cancer Risk

It seems like people with tuberculosis (TB) are not only have to face with persistent cough and shortness of breath. Recent research has shown that the TB infection may increases the risk of lung cancer.

The allegation of a link between tuberculosis (TB) and lung cancer actually has long been the subject among the experts. However there is no single study that proves how the two are closely related.

Recently, researches from the China Medical University managed to prove it after making observations to 700,000 Chinese people, where 4,480 of them were diagnosed with TB between the years 1998-2000. All the participants are observed its development until the time span between the years of 2001-2007.

The results indicated that people who are diagnosed with TB had a 10.9 times greater risk of lung cancer than healthy participants. The risk in patients with tuberculosis are 0.263 percent, while in healthy people is only 0.0241 percent.

The mortality rate for lung cancer also increases significantly in people with TB infection. The risk in people with TB are 0.511 percent, while in healthy people are only only 0.082 percent.

This research has not succeeded in ensuring what factors causes the two are closely related. But at least, these findings strengthen the notion of experts indeed there is a link between TB and lung cancer.

This result was published in the journal of Thoracic Oncology.

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