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Top 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

early signs of pregnancyEarly signs of pregnancy can vary from woman to woman. For example, some women may have tender breasts during pregnancy while others have only fatigue, which is very common. Both are the normal early signs of pregnancy, but do vary.

Understanding the symptoms of pregnancy is important because each symptom may be associated with other than pregnancy. The following are some common early signs of pregnancy.

1. Missed a Period

Missed a period is often the first sign of pregnancy. While this is a key sign of pregnancy, but other factors such as stress, menopause, and overweight can also cause this symptom.

2. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a common symptom of pregnancy and it often occurs in first three months of pregnancy. You may feel nauseous and vomit in the morning, but it can extend for the whole day as well. The exact cause is not known but is thought to be associated with the high levels of the hormone progesterone.

3. Tender Breasts

Tender breasts is a pregnancy symptom which may begin as early as 1-2 weeks after conception. From about six weeks pregnant, you may find your breasts fuller and heavier. You may also feel a little pain when you wear a bra. Your nipples tend to become darker and larger as your pregnancy progresses.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common sign of pregnancy. This can occurs due to low blood pressure, and/ or an increase in hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in your body. This symptom usually subsides after the second trimester.

5. Cramping

Cramping is another common early signs of pregnancy. This happens due to the enlargement of uterus which helps the fetus growth. Some women may experience cramping in the first seven days after ovulation. If you are pregnant, then this cramping is called implantation cramping. Not all pregnant women will experience this symptom.

6. Frequent Urination

Pregnancy causes an increase in levels of body fluids and greater kidney efficiency. Enlargement of the uterus also presses against the bladder, resulting in even more frequent urination during pregnancy.

7. Backaches

You may suffer from backaches in early pregnancy due to softening of supporting ligaments and disks caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone. However, this can also be caused by stress, obesity, and certain illness.

8. Frequent Headaches

Some women may also suffer from occasional headaches. These are the normal sign of early pregnancy and are caused by hormonal changes in the body. Other factors such as dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, eye strain, and lack of sleep can also cause these symptoms.

9. Food Cravings

When you are pregnant, you may find yourself craving something sweet and salty foods. This is normal as your body adjusts to being pregnant. This is probably due to hormone changes, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, when hormonal changes are the most dramatic.

10. Vaginal Discharge

Some women will notice an increased vaginal discharge than normal during early pregnancy. This is normal. It can be white or creamy watery discharge. However, if the discharge becomes coloured, smelly, or causes itching, then you should consult with your doctor as it could be a sign of vaginal thrush.
If you have any or all of the pregnancy signs above, be sure to take a pregnancy test as it is more accurate to confirm pregnancy. You can buy home pregnancy tests online, in the supermarket or at your local pharmacies. If the result is positive, make sure to see your physician as soon as possible.

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