Shelli Henderson Loses 47 kg by Using a Blackberry App

shelli hendersonBlackBerry is not just a communication tool but it also can help you lose weight. In fact, with the help of a blackberry app, Shelli Henderson, a 22 years old british woman lost weight up to 47 kg in 10 months.

Before she downloaded £1.99 calorie counter app on her blackberry phone ten months ago, her original weight was 114.3 kg.

Shelli Henderson, a waitress from St Albans, Herts, UK had struggled with her weight from graduate school at the age of 16.

Then Shelli uses the calorie counter app that she downloaded to count the calories intake each day. When she wants to eat, Shelli would first typed in the snack and meals she ate in her Blackberry phone and the £1.99 calorie counter app worked out how many calories she was consuming.

By combining her calorie counter app and regular exercise, her weight decreased from 114.3 kg to 66.67 kg, loss up to 47 kg.

According to Shelli, “As a waitress in a restaurant, there would be food constantly available. I’ve started the day with a full English breakfast, and graze all day on chips.”

Due to her dramatic weight loss, she was promoted to bar manager at the restaurant where she worked.

Shelli said, ‘The calorie counter app helped me get better eating habits. It’s really easy to use.”

“After seeing my positive results, I encouraged some of my friends to give copy my technique, and the outcome has been amazing.

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