Sam Arnold Loses 63 kg by Using Pickled Onions Trick

sam arnold loses 63 kg by eating pickled onionsDo you have tried many different ways to lose weight but still not seeing any significant result? If so then try eats pickled onions. In the UK, a woman lost 63 kg in 18 months by eating pickled onions.

Sam Arnold, a 43 years old british woman lost almost 63 kg from the original weight of 133 kg to 70 kg. Her slimming weapon is pickled onion. She would pop a pickled onion into her mouth when she got the urge to snack on chocolate.

“I like pickled onions because they have very few calories. Pickled onions were brilliant at ruining the taste of the chocolate – it tasted awful after one of those,” said Sam Arnold, a senior school officer of Poole, Dorset UK as quoted from Mirror.

Sam admits that she was come from a family with a great body size and eating in large portions and lots of hearty.

“I come from a family where my mum was very big and we were expected to clear out our plates at mealtimes. I had large portions and lots of hearty and would always be cakes and biscuits in the office. My job was sedentary so I barely moved all day, “said Sam, who is divorced and had a son, Ben (14 years old).

Sam Arnold did lose weight almost 31 kg 8 years ago when she joining Slimming World. But after 1 year, her weight rose again to 89 kg.

“I’m back to having cookies and chips for a week and since then my weight getting bigger,” recalls Sam.

The turning point was occurred at Christmas 2007, when her dad gave her an album of photos taken at her 40th birthday party.

Sam says, “I looked absolutely enormous. I never wanted to become obese at the age of 40, but looking at these pictures. I clearly was looked dreadful.”

The embarrassing images kept in Sam’s mind. Moreover, her health was also being affected. She has experienced the pain of gallstones, joint pain and constantly tired. So in early of 2008 she rejoined Slimming World.

By cooking healthy recipes and using her pickled onions trick, Sam Arnold lost 31 kg within 9 months and almost 63 kg in 18 months.

Sam now feels confident enough to join a gym. After she lost weight as a result of frequent eating pickled onions, Sam admitted that she will trying to maintain her weight now.

Sam says, “Every aspect of my life has improved since I lose weight. I am much more positive. People still do double takes if I haven’t seen them for a long time. The pickled onion was a fantastic find!”

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