What are probiotics?

What are Probiotics and Why Do You Need Them?

Did you know that we have good bacteria in our digestive tract called Probiotics? Let's take a closer look at probiotics and their benefits. What are probiotics? Probiotics are live...

What Are Phytonutrients And How Can They Benefit You?

Phytonutrients, or phytochemicals, are bioactive chemical compounds found abundantly in the plants. The word "phyto" means plant in Greek, so "phytonutrient" literally means plant nutrient. They are components that give...
Protein rich foods

The Importance of Protein to the Human Body

Protein is an essential nutrient that is necessary for the proper growth and function of the human body. It is found in every cell and tissue, including skin, hair, muscles,...
How smoking affects on nutrition

How Smoking Affects on Nutrition

We all know that smoking is not good for health because it can lead to the development of various diseases and health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, etc. The...
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