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Nicotine Condoms: Smokeless Tobacco Substitutes

Electronic cigarette and nicotine gum often used as tobacco substitutes for those who want to quit smoking. Now, there are a more interesting tobacco substitutes – Nicotine condoms.

These special condoms use lubricants that contain certain amount of nicotine thus provide same sensation of smoking. Nicotine in condom still endanger for user health, but because of its smokeless so not harm people around them.

The effect of nicotine condoms is not much different as nicotine gum and e-cigarette. Lubricants are sucked when making oral sex can meet the nicotine needs while addicted, without having to inhale tobacco smoke.

The same effects also experienced by his or her partner, although the nicotine not absorbed, condom still beneficial provide protect against the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/ AIDS.

Nicotine condoms was created by Pharmacia Latex Aktiebolaget, a Swedish company that often experimenting with its homemade condoms. Several years ago, this company ever making condoms with a lubricant that contains Benzocaine and caffeine.

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