Natural Antibodies Able To Neutralize HIV Virus

The hopes for the discovery of a HIV vaccine started to get a bright spot. Recently, researches have found two types of natural antibodies in the human body that able to neutralize 90 percent of the HIV virus.

According to Reuters, these two types of antibodies called VRC01 and VRC02 was found in the blood of HIV-positive people. In the group of patients who called the non-progressor, HIV infection does not cause disease because of certain immune system.

Researchers said, these two antibodies found is the factors that trigger the formation of immune system on a non-progressor. Through a molecular device, the researchers succeeded in studying an immune system, called cell-B.

By studying it, researchers hope to develop a vaccine to overcome HIV infection. Another possibility which could be developed is to make a drug to trigger the production of such antibodies in HIV-infected patients.

HIV is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which has infected 33 million people around the world. According to data from UNAIDS, 25 million people have died of it since the AIDS pandemic began in 1980.

Developing a vaccine for the HIV virus is not an easy matter. Besides it directly attack the immune system, this virus also always mutate so it likes a targets always on the run.

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