A Messy House Increases High Blood Pressure Risk

messy house can trigger high blood pressureThinking about work piling up in the office can indeed trigger stress and high blood pressure. But the impact on the heart is not as high as thinking of the house that was left in a mess.

An increase risk of high blood pressure is not due to do household chores like washing dishes or sweeping. But it usually occurs while nervous about how to clean up it.

Evidently, when a person went home and had to clean up the mess, their blood pressure suddenly rises. High blood pressure risk and stress due to think about a messy house is often happen when a person in the office and on the way to home.

This conclusion revealed in a study conducted by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. A total of 113 male and female participants who all work in offices involved in the research.

Each participants checked their blood pressure regularly at a nearby clinic every 3 weeks. Beside of that, on the last day of observation, all participants fitted with special equipment to monitor blood pressure profile throughout the day.

The results showed that the participants’ blood pressure rise every time they going to work and left their home in a mess. While their house in clean and tidy condition, their blood pressure observed normal.

The results were published in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine.

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