How To Prevent Brain Infection

Brain infection can affect anyone from infants to adults who may end up with disability or death eventually. The causes of brain infection vary, including direct virus transmission from air or breathing, insect bites such as mosquitoes, bacteria such as pneumonia or TB infection in the brain, fungi, parasites such as Toxoplasmosis and tapeworm cyst ingested by humans.

Since brain infection is mostly causes by virus or bacteria infections so the best ways to prevent brain infection are maintain a good hygiene, sanitation, keep your hands clean, increase your body’s immune system, and get IPD (Invasive Pneumococcus Disease) vaccine.

IPD vaccine are currently only available for infants to prevent pneumococcal bacterial meningitis. This vaccine can be given when a baby aged 2 months to 9 years.

The people who are at the risk of brain infection include:

  • Children
  • People with poor immune system
  • Elderly people

A brain infection mortality rate is above 50 percent, even a person may survived from this disease, generally they may suffer from disabilities ranging from paralysis to prolonged coma.

The symptoms of brain infection are often not typical which generally have a fever and headache. If the symptoms does not improve after a few days or further symptoms such as seizures and headaches are more severe, consult with a doctor immediately to perform further tests.

For diagnosis, a doctor will perform cerebrospinal fluid examination in order to know the exact cause whether due to viral infection, bacteria, fungi, parasites or tapeworm. If the procedure is done quickly and progressive it can reduce the disability resulting. But it is depends on the stage of the disease.

Brain infection is a deadly disease however some causes of this disease can be prevented by vaccines, hygienic lifestyle and proper nutrition.

If you found that you affected with brain infection, see your doctor immediately to determine the exact cause so you can get early treatment.

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