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Honey Can Decrease Drunk Effect of Alcohol

honey can decrease drunk effect of alcohol Scientists have found that drunk effect after drinking alcohol can be decreased by consumption of honey.

The scientists of The Royal Society of Chemistry said, natural sweetener such as honey is a great food to help body deal with drunk effect by breaking down the toxic compounds of alcohol.

Honey contains fructose compound with beneficial to break down alcohol toxic that enters the body. Alcohol is very harmful for the body because these drinks will be turn into acetaldehyde, a toxic compound for the body.

According to Dr John Emsley from The Royal Society of Chemistry, honey can helps acetaldehyde converted into acetic acid, an important compound of the carboxylic acids which is burned during metabolic processes in the body.

When people are drunk at night, it is suggests to eat bread with honey in the morning because they are source of potassium and sodium which are beneficial to help body against alcohol.

Alcoholic can trigger someone to urinate frequently and dehydrated. If you are dehydrated then the drunk effect will be more severe. That is why drinking alcohol is not good for the body because they contain toxic compounds and lead to dehydration which can be fatal.

According to Dr Emsley, besides honey, milk can also decrease the drunk effect of alcohol. Drink a glass of milk before drink alcohol will slow the alcohol absorption which means that incoming acetaldehyde compounds can be minimized.

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