Ginger Root May Help Prevent Bowel Cancer

Ginger is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a useful remedy for treating various diseases and conditions. A new study found that consumption of ginger root may also help prevent bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer, or also known as colon cancer, is a malignant tumor that arises from intestinal cells of the bowel. Normally, it starts with abnormal growths in the bowel, called polyps. Over time, those polyps can turn cancerous.

Researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School, US, suggested that ginger could be used as a bowel cancer prevention agent because it can reduce the chances of developing these cancers.

These results are based on a study involving 15 volunteers who were given two grams of ginger root supplements for 28 days and compared with 15 volunteers who were given placebo.

The study revealed that the volunteers who were given two grams of ginger root supplement daily for 28 days showed reduced signs of colon inflammation, a condition that has been linked to bowel cancer compared to those given a placebo.

“Interest in this is only going to increase as people look for ways to prevent cancer that are nontoxic, and improve their quality of life in a cost-effective,” said Suzanna Rick, a naturopathic doctor, as quoted from Telegraph.

Even so, Rick said further, more research is needed to find out how ginger can reduce the risk of bowel cancer and what compounds are responsible for that process.

This study has been published in Cancer Prevention Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

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