Foot Thermometer Reduces Limb Amputation Risk In Diabetics

Thermometer is typically used to measure body temperature during fever. But now there is a new battery powered thermometer called Foot thermometer that can be used to reduce a number of ulcers and limb amputation in diabetics.

Diabetes mellitus can cause significant damage to the nerves and blood vessels, because faced with exposure to high blood sugar levels. This nerve damage can lead to numbness in feet, which means that people with diabetes do not feel pain when wounded or blistered.

If the wound left untreated, it can develop into ulcers. In some cases, the wound can remain open for months or even years, thus increasing the risk of infection which can lead to amputation.

The new battery powered thermometer is developed by US-based Diabetica Solutions to detect wound in diabetics and disease due to nerve damage.

foot thermometer to detects diabetic feet wound

This gadget uses infrared ray to measure changes in foot temperature. It usually used on foot because these areas are prone to injury in patients with diabetes. Red areas highlight indicate possible inflammation and damage.

The gadget is designed for daily use, which allows patients to examine in six sites on each foot and compare the temperature changes.

By using this thermometer can help patients with diabetes to discover the wound early even before the wound appears on the skin surface. This allows patients get medical help immediately before the wound get worse.

To reduce the risk of serious wound infections which may lead to amputation, Diabetes UK recommends people with diabetes to check his feet regularly and notice any discoloration, skin damage, or swelling.

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