Exercise May Help Fight Cancer

Exercise has been known to be beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Cardiovascular, weight control, and even mental health benefits have already been linked to exercise. As studies continue on this topic, more and more evidences point to the other benefits of exercise including fighting cancer.

With all the good it does for the body, regular exercise is now being reported to help fight and reduce cases of a number of different cancers. Due to the managing of insulin, prostaglandins and bile acid levels that comes with regular exercise, the physical activity inherent in it allows exercise to prevent cancers ranging from gastric cancer to testicular mesothelioma. One of the keys to fight cancer is to keep a healthy equilibrium of the body’s chemicals and exercise does very well in this case.

In addition to maintain a healthy equilibrium, exercise also improves respiratory function. This leads to improved lung and heart function, reducing risk for lung cancer as well as papillary mesothelioma.

Those with cancer should also look to more exercise. In a recent study conducted by the Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity to the breast cancer patients, light exercise improved levels of strength, self-esteem, body mass, and fitness. In addition to those benefits, it also increases the success rate of chemotherapy treatments.

As exercise has been shown to help those with cancer, it’s important to still follow your doctor’s instructions. While some may be in a position to use the benefits of exercise, it may still be necessary for others to conserve their energy.

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