Drinking Milk May Help Reduce Colon Cancer Risk

Habit of drinking milk is not only beneficial to the bone and teeth health, but it also can help reduce colon cancer risk, a new study suggests.

Milk is a good source of calcium which has been shown to inhibit the growth of adenoma or a type of malignant tumor that usually attacks the large intestine or colon.

This study was conducted by two researchers from Otago University, Professor Brian Cox and Dr Mary Jane Sneyd, which involved approximately 1,000 adults in New Zealand.

The participants were adults who since childhood had experienced free milk distribution program from local governments between the years 1937-1967. Free milk is distributed every day, each packaged in 284 mL bottles.

Although it is free because was funded by the government, at that time not all the participants had the opportunity to get the free milk. In addition to its uneven distribution, some claimed they did not like drinking milk.

The results showed that participants who had been drinking the free milk frequently are more rarely affected by colon cancer. When compared with those who claimed don’t like drinking milk, the risk for colon cancer was reduced by 30-38 percent.

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