Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device, and the content of a cookie can be retrieved and read only by the server that created the cookie.

Cookies are unique to the browser or mobile application you are using. The text in a cookie often consists of a string of numbers and letters that uniquely identifies your computer, but it can contain other information as well.

What types of cookies do we use? stores cookies on computers or mobile devices for the purpose of improving user experience, which we have classified as follows:

  1. Analytics cookies. With these cookies, can gather information on how you use our website, for example, what pages you visit and how long you spend on them. These cookies do not record any data that can identify you – all the recorded information is anonymous and is solely used to help us improve the functionality of our website.
  2. Advertising cookies. uses cookies to collect information about your online activities and interests to provide you with advertisements that correlate most highly with you.
  3. Social media cookies. Social media cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as ‘Share’ buttons. The third party provides these services in return for recognizing that you have visited our website.

How to manage or delete cookies

You can manage or delete cookies at your own preference. For details, visit You can clear all the cookies stored on your computer, and most current web browsers provide the option of blocking cookies. Find out how to manage cookie settings for your browser:

Note that if you clear your cookies, you will need to change your settings the next time you visit our website.

Do Not Track information

Many web browsers provide a Do Not Track function that can release Do Not Track requests to websites. Currently, major internet standardization organizations have not established policies to specify how websites should handle these requests.

If you enable Do Not Track or other similar functions your browser may provide, will not change the way we collect and use your data as described in this statement. However, we reserve the right to respond to your Do Not Track request and stop the collection of your data without prior notice to you.

Updates and Modifications to the Cookie Policy may update or modify this Cookie Policy in accordance with new legal or regulatory requirements, so we recommend you to check this policy every time you access our website. However, when there are significant changes made to this Cookie Policy, the users will be informed via a notice on this website.