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Ginseng side effects

7 Side Effects of Ginseng

Although ginseng has many great health benefits due to its adaptogen properties. However certain components in ginseng can also produce side effects if taken in high doses or over a...
Smoking after exercise is more harmful to the body

Smoking After Exercise Is More Harmful To The Body

Countless medical journals have documented the adverse health effects of smoking. Smoking is really harmful to the body, but the effects will be more pronounced when smoking after exercising. According...
radiation exposure

What You Should Know About Radiation Exposure

The recent exposure of radiation due to explosions at Japanese nuclear plants has sparked fears of the health hazards of radiation. These conditions raise a lot of concern to peoples...
Side effects of turmeric

6 Side Effects of Turmeric and How to Avoid Them

Although there are numerous health benefits associated with eating turmeric, but high doses or prolong use of turmeric may cause certain side effects. There are no official recommendations for the...
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