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Pancreatic Cancer

pancreatic cancer survival rate

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate

Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive and fast developing disease, which kills its victims within five years after diagnosis. The survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients living over 5 years is …

pancreatic cancer treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your doctor will look at following criteria to develop a treatment plan: The size and location of tumor The overall health condition …

pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer found in the tissues of the pancreas. About 95% of pancreatic cancers are Adenocarcinomas. Adenocarcinoma is among the most aggressive of all cancers. …

pancreatic cancer symptoms

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic cancer is a class of cancer that occurs when the abnormal cell growth begins in the pancreas. These abnormal cells keep dividing and form lumps of tissue called tumors. …