Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. They can develop in any part of the human body. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of cancer.

Skin cancer prevention

5 Tips to Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Over 3 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancers every year and it is estimated that 1...
Thyroid cancer treatment

Thyroid Cancer Treatment

The goal of thyroid cancer treatment is to get rid the cancer cells from the body. The treatment option given is depend on the type and stage of the cancer,...
Thyroid cancer symptoms

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

Early thyroid cancer may not cause any symptoms. As a tumor grows slowly overtime, it may lead to the following symptoms: A lump in the neck A lump in the...
Thyroid cancer causes and risk factors

Thyroid Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that occurs in the thyroid gland, a gland that located in the front of neck (below the larynx) that are responsible for producing hormones, which...
Pancreatic cancer treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your doctor will look at following criteria to create a treatment plan: The size and location of tumor. How far it has...
Pancreatic cancer symptoms

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer is a class of cancer that occurs when the abnormal cell growth begins in the pancreas. These abnormal cells keep dividing and form lumps of tissue called tumors....
Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer found in the tissues of the pancreas. The pancreas is a glandular organ located between the stomach and the small intestine. It is...
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