Blueberries Can Burn Fat Cells Up To 73 Percent

blueberries can help burn fat cells Blueberries are not only good for our health as it contains many essential vitamin and minerals, but it also beneficial for people who are looking for weight loss because certain content in blueberries can help in burning fat. Recent study found that blueberries can burn fat up to 73 percent when given in maximal doses.

According to a study conducted by researches from Texas Woman’s University, blueberries can break down fat cells as well as inhibit the formation of new fat tissue in the mice, making it a powerful weapon to overcome obesity.

The content of blueberries that could break down body’s fats is polyphenols, a group of chemicals compounds that also found in many other fruits. The study revealed that polyphenols can cut fat cells up to 73 percent when given in highest doses and 27 percent even at lowest doses.

Although the study presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in Washington DC has only been tested in mice, but its chances to be applied in humans appear to be wide-open.

“We still have to conduct clinical trials to test the dosage in humans, to ensure there are no adverse effects and to see if the doses are effective. But so far the chances for blueberries to reduce fat tissue is very promising,” said Shiwani Moghe, a researcher from Texas Woman’s University.

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