Blood Type O May Protect Against Heart Attack

Heart attack can affect anyone. However, recent study shows that people with blood type O are less likely to have heart attack.

Researchers found that genes simultaneously can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but on the other hand, they also found that blood type O may protect one’s arteries against heart attack.

Dr Muredach P Reilly, a professor of medicine at the Cardiovascular Institute of the University of Pennsylvania, said this study indicates the relationship between various genetics and heart health, because not all genes for heart disease are similar.

In this study, Reilly’s team compared nearly 13,000 people with coronary heart disease and 7,000 people who did not have the condition.

Meanwhile, to identify specific genes that may play a role in heart attacks, researchers compared the approximately 5800 people with coronary disease who had a heart attack and 3600 people with coronary heart but don’t had a heart attack.

Reilly’s team identified a new gene called ADAMTS7 associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

More specifically, gene on people with blood type O was able to protect them against heart attack, and blood type O is known as universal blood donor type.

Even so, blood type O is only can protect against heart attack, and not for other cardiovascular disease such as stroke.

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