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Simple Ways To Prevent Cancer

cancer preventionCancer is one of the most dangerous disease in the world. This disease rank #2 as the leading cause of death (after heart disease). This severe disease can afflict humans in all age, either man or woman. Cancer can also occur in every part of the body. The risk of developing this disease increases with age.

Prevention is better than cure and this also works to cancer. Cancer prevention can be done by reducing exposure to carcinogenic substances, such as not smoking, reducing the consumption of fatty or high cholesterol foods, adding high-fiber foods into your diet such as vegetables and fruits, and exercise regularly.

Stay away from habits of mutually exchange partner to avoid contracting a sexual disease. Also, try to avoid stress. You may work hard but do not forget to get enough rest. If needed, check your health regularly.

Prevention can also be done by screening. Cancer screening tests was conducted to understand the possibility of cancer so as to reduce the number of deaths from cancer because if cancer is found at a early stage, where the cancer has not spread further, the cancer usually can be treated and provide optimal results.