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How To Get Fit Without Joining a Gym

how to get fit without joining a gymEveryone know that gym was playing an important role in keeping our body fit and healthy. But joining a gym may be difficult for some people because of the tight schedule.

Purchasing home gym equipment can be an option. But it can be expensive for someone who on a tight financial. Many people would give up to get fit because they can not afford for a gym fees or equipments.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get fit without joining a gym or purchasing any gym equipment. Give the following exercise a try and you will find that you can lose weight and stay fit with just doing a few simple things.


Daily walking can help a person get in shape, strengthen the heart, and even help a person lose weight and muscle tone. Walking gives very little pressure on the joints and often a pleasant experience. This can be done around your house, in parks or even at the mall. Start with 10-15 minutes and work up to 45 minutes of fast walk every day.

Jogging or Running

Jogging or running is one of the best exercise without burden. This will work the entire leg. In addition, it is one of classic cardiovascular exercise. You can jog in your home while listen music or watching TV.


Dancing is a great exercise for heart health. Exercise experts agree that when it comes to home workout without equipment, dancing does it for everyone. Aside from that, dancing is an instant mood booster and gives you a feeling of overall encouragement.


This is a good exercise for the legs and buttocks. Put your hands on your hips and stand so that your feet about shoulder width apart. Keeping your back perfectly straight and look straight ahead, bend your knees slowly as if you’ll sit back in the chair. Return to standing position. Repeat for twenty or more repetitions.


This is the best exercise to build and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Not just for getting a six pack, but it is also an important factor in preventing back problems.


This exercise might not be the most favorite for many people, but it might be the best total body workout that builds core strength. This is a compound exercise that uses muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abdomen and even the feet.

Household Work

You might not realize it, but do household chores can really help you to keep fit. Tasks such as washing, sweeping and gardening can burn off quite bit of calories.

Stairs Steps

If you have a two storey house. You can get the same benefits at home as you did in step aerobics class at the gym. Simply go up and down stairs. You will definitely feel the burn at the end of this step routine. This is a good cardio exercise and will tone your leg muscles as well.
Remember to always warm up before starting an exercise, jogging for 10-20 minutes in order to increase your body temperature and prepare your body for exercise. Also, do not forget to cool down after exercise by gently stretching your muscles afterward.