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Heart Attack Grill – Heart Attack Burger In Arizona

heart attack grill burgersHeart Attack Grill, a fast food restaurant that prides itself on offering customers probably the most fattest and dangerous food they will ever eat.

Why dangerous foods? Because they serve high calorie fast food menu which may causes heart attack to the customers.

The heart attack grill menu includes Single to Quadruple Bypass burger (Bypass itself refers to a type of heart surgery), Flatliner Fries (cooked in pure lard), No Filter Cigs (unfiltered cigarettes), liquor, and soft drinks such as Jolt cola and Mexican Coke made with real sugar.

For additional information that the biggest burger in Heart Attack Grill (Quadruple Bypass Burger) contains 8000 calories. People in general need 2000 calories a day. Means that by eating the biggest burger, you have sufficient foods needed for 4 days! And if you able to finish the burger and unable to walk, they will provided wheelchairs to push you to your car.

However, unlike fast food restaurant in general that cover or disguise that their menu was not as “junk” as envisaged. At the entrance of Heart Attack Grill restaurant written warning that reads: “Go away. If you come in this place, it’s going to kill you” And its slogan, “Taste Worth Dying For!

Because of this, the owners have stated that, HAG is probably the most honest restaurant in America, where customers were warned of health consequences from the menu they served.

What a fun thing is the waitress in HAG wearing very sexy nurse uniforms and tight. They call the customer as a patient and menu as a recipe (such as prescription drugs). People who weigh more than 350 pounds may eat for free. isn’t it cool?

heart attack grill waitress wearing sexy uniforms and tight

If you want to put your life on the line to experience the heavenly taste of the fast food, all you have to do is travel to Chandler, Arizona, United States where the Heart Attack Grill restaurant is located.

Heart attack grill restaurant in Chandler, Arizona, United States