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Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

hair loss causes and treatmentThere are many factors that can lead to hair loss such as heredity, diabetes, poor nutrition, hormonal problems, and heart disease. Hair loss can also occur due to hair infections such as lice attacks or dandruff.

Many people would lose their hair very early in life while others begin to lose hair in their late forties. A woman will face hair loss in her menopausal years and also during pregnancy where there is a change in hormone levels. First, you should look into the nature of the problem and take the help of a medical practitioner who can lead you to the right treatment.

There are some medications that quite effective for treating hair loss. Topical creams such as Monioxidil is very effective in growing your hair back. It’s probably not grow the entire hair back again, but regrowth some were possible. Propecia is a medicine that should be taken when a person experiencing hair loss and it is considered more effective than minoxidil. Protein intake is essential for hair regrowth.

A person must take the necessary amount of protein for the nourishment of hair follicles. Lack of protein and other nutrients could cause hair loss. Another reason for hair loss is hormonal dysfunction in the body. This can be tested through blood tests and then treatment should be provided accordingly.

If the real cause of hair loss problems are detected and dealt with, there will be no hair loss and you will soon be on your way to enjoy a head full of shining black hair.