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Fish Oil May Help Prevent Muscle Loss During Chemotherapy

fish oil may help prevent muscle loss during chemotherapy

Cancer patients often experience muscle loss due to the side effects of chemotherapy. Fortunately, the condition that could trigger weight and muscle loss can be prevented by fish oil, a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Poor appetite is a side effect of chemotherapy that can lead to muscle loss in cancer patients. The worst impact …

What is Sex Therapy?

sex therapy

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy, which help someone to eliminate worry about sexual function, sexual sense and intimacy issues. This therapy can be done individually or with a partner. Most people would feel awkward and embarrassed when talk about sexual issues. But if the problem is not handled properly it could worsen the …

Honey Can Decrease Drunk Effect of Alcohol

honey can decrease drunk effect of alcohol

Scientists have found that drunk effects after drinking alcohol can be decreased by consumption of honey. The scientists of The Royal Society of Chemistry said, natural sweetener such as honey is a great food to help body deal with drunk effect by breaking down the toxic compounds of alcohol. Honey contains fructose compound with beneficial …

Natural Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention

osteoporosis natural treatment

The purpose of osteoporosis treatment is the prevention of bone fractures by stopping bone shrinkage and increase bone density. Although early detection and timely treatment of osteoporosis can substantially reduce the risk of future fracture, none of the available treatments for osteoporosis are fully cured. In other words, it is difficult to completely rebuild bone …

Types of Lung Cancer and Treatment Options

lung cancer treatment

Recognizing the types of lung cancer is very important, regarding to treatment efforts to be undertaken. There are two main types of lung cancer, which behave differently and require different treatment. They include: Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Although according to statistic, small cell lung cancer only occurs in 20% of all lung cancer patients, …

2 Main Ways To Cure Cancer

tips to cure cancer

The earlier cancer is detected and diagnosed, the greater chance that the cancer can be cured or treated. Some types of cancer such as breast cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer could be detected by routine self examination or other screening test before the cancer spread further. However, most …